Saturday, October 29, 2016

November 2016 Summary

Here's a summary of all my recommendations -- the local measures, candidates at all levels, plus the state propositions I already posted. Click the underlined links for details.

Federal, State, and Judge candidates

  • U.S. President and Vice President: Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
  • U.S. Senator: Kamala Harris
  • U.S. Congress, 11th District: Mark Desaulnier
  • U.S. Congress, 13th District: Barbara Lee
  • CA State Senator, 9th District: Sandre Swanson
  • CA State Assembly, 15th District: Tony Thurmond
  • Alameda County Superior Court Judge, Office #1: Jackson

BART, AC Transit, and Alameda County measures + candidates

  • AC Transit Measure C1: YES YES to support bus service (AC Transit)
  • AC Transit At-Large: Chris Peeples
  • BART Measure RR: YES YES to keep BART safe and reliable
  • BART District 3: Rebecca Saltzman
  • BART District 7: Lateefah Simon
  • BART Districts 1, 5, and 9: Contact me if you want my opinion
  • Alameda County Measure A1: YES YES to build more affordable housing
  • Contra Costa Measure X: Contact me about this transportation sales tax

Berkeley School and City Measures

  • E1: YES YES for Berkeley’s schools
  • T1: YES to fix city infrastructure
  • U1: YES YES to fund affordable housing with a tax on landlord’s rent receipts
  • DD: NO NO to reject large landlords’ deceptive smoke screen that has worse policy
  • V1: YES to let the city spend money it has raised in taxes
  • W1: YES to use citizen redistricting commission set city council districts
  • X1: YES to give matching funds to Mayoral/Council candidates
  • Y1: YES to allow 16&17 year-olds to vote in school board elections
  • Z1: YES to allow city to build homes for low-income families
  • AA: YES to clean up rent control provisions
  • BB & CC: NO, because Berkeley City Council reached a good compromise on minimum wage

Berkeley Candidates for Mayor, Council, School Board, and Rent Board

  • Berkeley School Board: Beatriz Appel Leyva-Cutler & Judy Appel
  • Berkeley Mayor: Capitelli #1
  • Berkeley Council District 2: Darryl Moore #1, Nanci Armstrong-Temple #2
  • Berkeley Council District 3: Ben Bartlett #1
  • Berkeley Council District 5: Stephen Murphy #1
  • Berkeley Rent Board: Judy Hunt, Leah Simon-Weisberg, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, & Igor Tregub
And if you missed it from earlier, here are my positions on state propositions:
  • 51: YES for K-12 & Community College facilities
  • 52: Leaning YES to Use Hospital Fees to get Federal Funds for Medi-Cal -- Comments welcome!
  • 53: NO NO to Statewide votes on local projects
  • 54: NO to Over-Complicated Prescription of Legislative Operations
  • 55: YES YES to have the 1.5% pay for for Schools & Healthcare
  • 56: YES YES for Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare and Tobacco Use Prevention.
  • 57: YES YES for Criminal Justice Reform
  • 58: YES YES to Allow Bilingual Education
  • 59: YES to Clarify that Corporations are not Human Beings
  • 60: NO to a Badly-written measure about condoms in porn films
  • 61: Leaning YES to Reduce Costs of Drugs - Comments Welcome
  • 62: YES YES, a million times YES to Repeal the Death Penalty
  • 63: YES to prohibit possession of large capacity ammunition magazines
  • 64: YES on Marijuana Legalization
  • 65: Leaning NO on Deceptive Plastic Bags Measure
  • 66: NO NO NO - Don’t make it easier to impose death sentences
  • 67: YES to Confirm Legislature’s Ban on Single-use Bags

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