Sunday, May 22, 2016

How I'm voting, June 2016

Here's a summary of how I'm voting in the June 2016 primary. Since this is a relatively short ballot, I'll put it all in one post, starting with the bottom of the ballot and moving up to the top (I know, most people do it the other way, but I think my biggest value-add is the down-ballot races that you're less likely to research). 
On the local elections, I feel very strongly about Scott Jackson for Judge (Seat #1).
I also put some thought and research into the Alameda County Democratic Party Central Committee, 15th Assembly District (vote for 9 of 17): Brett Badelle, Elizabeth Echols, Bonnie Wheatley, Vincent Casalaina, Andy Kelley, Floyd Huen, Kate Harrison, Dianne Martinez, and Cecilia "Ces" Rosales.
On the state & federal elections, I’m voting Democrats. In contested races, I'm voting Harris (U.S. Senate) and I'm leaning towards Swanson over Skinner (Senate D9).
For details of these and lots of other races, see the rest of this post.

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