Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 2014 recommendations

This is my summary of recommendations for the November 2014 election. This post will is evolving, and I'll update it as I research and decide my positions, and I'll probably take some of the races on or off the list. 

Most importantly: YES YES YES on Alameda County Measure BB: Crucial Transit Improvements

The whole list goes roughly from the bottom of your ballot to the top (races in italics are the ones I haven't settled on yet -- but I plan to!). If there's a race missing that you want more info on, post a comment!!

Berkeley Council: D-1 Maio, D-7 Barry, D-8 Alvarez Cohen #1 + Droste #2

For Berkeley elected officials, I'm simply going to quote my friend Nathan Landau, whose opinion I share on most things Berkeley. I also added campaign website links for each of the candidates we like: