Thursday, February 20, 2020

March 2020 Elected Officials

Here's how I'm voting for all the elected offices on this primary ballot. I make NO recommendation in the big race -- for President -- 'cuz I don't know who I'll vote for on March 3. But I do make rec's in races you don't hear about every day on TV. 

Here's the summary -- details are after the jump:

President: I'm still figuring it out
Alameda County Central Committee, 15th Assembly District: for sure Echols, Waters, Lopez, Neal, Barnett, Tregub, and probably Rosales + Laverde
Congress, 9th District: Barbara Lee
CA Senate, 9th District: Nancy Skinner
CA Assembly, 15th District: Buffy Wicks
Superior Court Office #2: Elena Condes
Alameda County Supervisor, 5th District: Keith Carson

And now for the detailed writeups ...

March 2020 Ballot Measures

Here are my choices for state and local ballot measures. Details are below the jump. See a separate post for my thoughts on candidates:

State13: YES for School bonds

Alameda County
C: YES for Child Care, Preschool, Early Education, + Pediatric Health Care

Contra Costa County
J: YES for More Equitable + Sustainable Transportation 

E: YES for Berkeley School Teachers
G: YES for Berkeley School Facilities Bond
H: YES to Continue Existing Schools Parcel Tax

And now for the detailed writeups on each measure ...