Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Nov 2018 Berkeley + Local Offices

How I'm voting on Berkeley + other Local Offices, Nov 2018

Here's my summary of how I'm voting (or how I suggest you vote) for all the offices listed after the state propositions and/or after local ballot measures. Depending on how your ballot is arranged, you might see all these together. Details are below the jump. 

Berkeley Rent Board: Judy Hunt plus 3 from the pro-tenant slate: Chang, Laverde, Poblet
BUSD Directors: Alper, Brown, & Sinai
AC Transit At-Large District: Write in, or Dollene Jones
Berkeley City Auditor: Jenny Wong
Berkeley Council District 1: #1 Rashi Kesarwani, #2 Margo Scheuler
Berkeley Council District 4: #1 Gregory Magofña, #2 Ben Gould
Berkeley Council District 7: #1 Rigel Robinson
Berkeley Council District 8: #1 Lori Droste, #2 Alfred Twu

Read on for details ...

Nov 2018 Statewide Offices

How I'm voting on Statewide Offices, Nov 2018

With California's open primary, a few of these statewide offices provide a tough choice between two strong candidates (marked in red). Here's a summary of my votes for all the candidates listed before the state propositions (for others, see my "Berkeley + Local Offices" post). Details are below the jump.

State+Federal races

Governor: Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor: Hernandez
Secretary of State: Padilla
Controller: Yee
Treasurer: Ma
Attorney General: Becerra
Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara
State Board of Equalization, 2nd District: Cohen
US Senator: Kevin de Leon
US Congress, 13th District: Barbara Lee still speaks for me
CA Assembly District 15: Buffy Wicks
CA State Superintendent of Schools: Tony Thurmond


Vote YES on Judges Corrigan, Kruger, Humes, Margulies, Richman, Miller, Siggins, Tucher, Streeter, Jones

Alameda County

Alameda County Assessor: Phong La

Monday, October 29, 2018

Nov 2018 Local Ballot Measures

How I'm voting on Nov 2018 Local Ballot Measures

Here are my choices for local ballot measures. Summary here, details below the jump.


E: YES for Peralta Community Colleges
G: YES to Upgrade Peralta Community College Classrooms


O: YES YES YES for More Affordable Homes in Berkeley
P: YES to Support Homeless Services
Q: YES for Better Rent Stabilization Ordinance
R: YES for Berkeley’s Infrastructure Plan

East Bay Regional Parks District

FF: Yes for Wildfire protection in EBRPD

For details on my recommendations, read on ...

Nov 2018 State Propositions

How I'm voting on Nov 2018 State Propositions

Here are my choices for state propositions. Summary here, details below the jump.

1: YES YES YES for Affordable Homes Statewide
2: YES YES YES for Homes for People with Mental Illnesses
3: NO “Pay to Play” Bond
4: YES for Children’s Hospitals
5: NO NO NO to Stop Regressive Cuts to Schools + Services
6: NO NO NO to Stop Republicans’ Attack on Roads, Bridges, and Transit
7: YES to Let Legislature decide what to do about Daylight Savings Time
8: NO ‘cuz it’s too complex, too many unintended consequences, and shouldn’t be on ballot (Dialysis cost formula)
10: Leaning YES; Heart vs. Head on Rent Control
11: NO ‘cuz this shouldn’t be on ballot (Ambulance work rules)
12: Leaning YES on Revised requirements for Farm animal confinement

For basic info on each proposition, see the Secretary of State's webiste: link. For my rationale on each one, read on ...