Monday, June 6, 2022

June 2022: Alameda County, State, & Federal Candidates

For this election, I'm directing you to writeups by others. This past month our family had COVID in the house (everyone's OK now), a high school graduation, and lots of family visits. I just couldn't get it together to do my normal due diligence and a good writeup. 

So ... here are some recommendations from other people I respect highly, plus a note on the Alameda County DA's race: 

Edie and Janet's June 2022 East Bay Voter Guide -- I've known Edie for years and have great respect for her. Plus she puts this guide together with her mom -- how cool is that! For this election, she covers Alameda County, state, & federal candidates, plus Oakland Measure C (YES!) + SF Prop H (NO!). Check out Edie & Janet's guide here -- I think I'll vote with her on everything that I vote for. 

Landau's Guide -- My friend and fellow political junkie Nathan Landau writes up his recommendations for every election. He covers Berkeley and many local races in Oakland & Contra Costa County, as well as the state & federal races. I normally agree with most of his analyses. This time, for the races I'm voting on, I think I'll vote with him on most things except Alameda County District Attorney (where I'll be voting for Pamela Price, as I did in 2018).

A note on the Alameda County District Attorney's race: I strongly encourage you to read Edie & Janet's writeup about this race. I agree with them 100% -- it is very important that one of the progressive reformers (Price or Steward) win this race. The top two finishers will go to a runoff in the fall. If we had ranked-choice, I'd vote for them 1-2. Since we don't, I'm voting for the one I think is more likely to win -- Price has energized reformers, ran a strong campaign in 2018 (I endorsed her then), and has a great agenda. Steward is also great, and arguably has more experience running the DA's office (he worked in the SF DA's office). Best case scenario is they both get into the runoff in November, but worst case is they split the progressive vote. Both law-and-order candidates (Wiley & Wilson) have more money than Price, and *way* more than Steward. For more background, see this Mercury News' article or campaign websites for Price or Steward

Sunday, August 29, 2021

NO on the Recall; then what?

Lots of friends have asked what to do about the Recall election, in particular what to do about the second question on the ballot. Here's my advice: 
  1. Vote NO on the Recall
  2. Contact 10 friends and tell THEM to vote NO
  3. Campaign Against the Recall

... and only after you've done all of the above does it make sense to spend time thinking about how to vote on the 2nd question on the ballot. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Nov 2020 Berkeley

Here are my recommendations on Berkeley’s measures and elected officials:

Berkeley Measures
FF: Yes to Parcel Tax for Emergency Services
GG - Yes for Trip Tax on Transportation Network Companies (Uber+Lyft)
HH - Yes for Utility Users tax for Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
II - Yes for a new Police Accountability Board
JJ - Yes for Higher Mayor + Council salaries
KK - Yes to Update Outdated Parts of the City Charter
LL - Yes to Extend Voter-Approved Spending Limits
MM - No Endorsement on Complicated Measure on Rent Control and ADUs

Berkeley Elected Officials
School Board: Laura Babitt and Ana Vasudeo
Mayor: Jesse Arreguin
City Council, District 2: Terry Taplin #1 (plus #2 Carter, #3 Sharenko)
City Council, District 3: Deborah Matthews #1, Ben Bartlett #2
City Council, District 5: No endorsement
City Council, District 6: No endorsement
Rent Stabilization Board: Marasovic, Johnson, Kelley, Simon-Weisberg, and either Ahmadi or Panahi

For details, read on ...

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Nov 2020: Alameda County Measures, Judges, + Elected Officials (Federal-State-Special Districts)

Here are my recommendations on Alameda County’s measures plus elected officials from the federal down to county/district level.

Alameda County 
Measure V: Yes for Utility Users Tax Unincorporated areas
Measure W: YES YES YES for Housing and Services for People Suffering from Homelessness

Federal + State offices
President: Biden-Harris
U.S. Representative, 13th Congressional District: Barbara Lee
CA State Senator, 9th Senate District: Nancy Skinner
CA State Assembly, 15th Assembly District: Buffy Wicks
CA State Assembly, 18th Assembly District: Rob Bonta

Special Districts:
AC Transit At-Large: Chris Peeples
AC Transit Ward 1: Wallace
AC Transit Ward 2: Jean Walsh
BART District 1: Jamie Salcido
BART District 3: Rebecca Saltzman
BART District 7: Lateefah Simon
East Bay Regional Parks Ward 1: Elizabeth Echols

Plus (for all of you who ask me about Oakland every year), see below for a friend's recommendations. 

For details, read on ...

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Nov 2020 State Propositions

Here are my recommendations for the state propositions. Details are below the jump. 

14: No: Health Care & Schools are Better Uses of State Tax $$ than Medical Research
15: YES YES YES for Schools + Communities First
16: YES YES YES to Support Racial and Gender Equality
17: YES YES YES to restore voting rights to people on parole
18: YES to Allow Some 17 year-olds to Vote in Primaries
19: NO NO NO to a Cynical Ploy to Reinforce Racial + Wealth Inequities in Property Taxes
20: NO NO NO - Don’t Reimpose Harsh Sentencing that Creates Overcrowded Prisons
21: YES to allow CA Cities to Use Rent Control
22: NO NO NO - don’t let Uber+Lyft be exempt from labor law and subvert democracy
23: NO, cuz OMFG why are we voting on Dialysis rules again?
24: NO to revising Consumer Privacy Protections
25: YES to Confirm Law Eliminating Cash Bail … and then fix the alternative

And now for the detailed writeups on each measure ...

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Nov 2020 first thoughts

This is a really big election. The Presidential election looks huge. The Senate races around the country look huge. And because this is a presidential general election, there are many state and local measures on the ballot too. With COVID and heightened concern around voter security, many people will vote earlier than ever this year (you should too!). With this first post, I encourage you to do 3 things:

  • Read my slam-dunk no-doubt positions on 6 of the state propositions (Yes on 15/16/17, NO on 19/20/22)
  • Get involved in the election -- see below for ideas
  • Give me input/advice on other races: is there a race you’re particularly torn on, or think is particularly crucial?

Thursday, February 20, 2020

March 2020 Elected Officials

Here's how I'm voting for all the elected offices on this primary ballot. I make NO recommendation in the big race -- for President -- 'cuz I don't know who I'll vote for on March 3. But I do make rec's in races you don't hear about every day on TV. 

Here's the summary -- details are after the jump:

President: I'm still figuring it out
Alameda County Central Committee, 15th Assembly District: for sure Echols, Waters, Lopez, Neal, Barnett, Tregub, and probably Rosales + Laverde
Congress, 9th District: Barbara Lee
CA Senate, 9th District: Nancy Skinner
CA Assembly, 15th District: Buffy Wicks
Superior Court Office #2: Elena Condes
Alameda County Supervisor, 5th District: Keith Carson

And now for the detailed writeups ...